George Bandy Jr. Speaks on ESG and Sustainability for Business Leaders

GeorgeBandy, Jr. is Chief Sustainability Officer for Fiber Industries, and a dynamic speaker who has been on, as he calls it, “a journey with a purpose”. A global leader of sustainability, ESG and circularity, George provides insight on the concept and practice of sustainability.

Pro-business for strategic, sustainable approaches that make sense, he believes that looking at opportunities to position environmental, economic and socially responsible solutions for customers can set the standard for other businesses to follow that will result in a brighter future for us all.  

Moderated by Jo Ann Herold,CEO & Founder of HeroldGrowth Consulting and former CMO of Interface and The Honey Baked HamCompany (twice!), she and George discuss the challenges companies face today when addressing sustainability and what opportunities lie ahead for businesses that are strategic in their approach. In addition, George outlines the four systems conditions of The NaturalStep, a framework for sustainable thinking that provides a systematic approach to looking at sustainability. George has been able to leverageThe Natural Step throughout his career to be effective in his job.

The Natural Step Systems Conditions

Highlights from This Episode: 

  • George’s philosophy around why companies have struggled with their approach to sustainability.
  • George walks us through The Natural Step framework for sustainable thinking.  
  • When speaking to elementary, middle and high schools, how this generation thinks the problems of today are “our fault”.  
  • What happens when a state can no longer build landfills?
  • George gives an example of how Apple’s business model, where 80% of their phones get recycled back into their phones, is a great business model.
  • George defines “defensive businesses” vs. “strategic businesses”
  • George tells us what his favorite job is
  • The 4 parts of a career (according to George Bandy, Sr.)
  • Why it’s important to listen to what people actually want / need in the marketing space
  • What brands “get it” and how people can be too critical of brands in this space
  • How we’ve lost our connectivity to nature
  • Thoughts on “greenwashing”
  • 4 ways that companies can approach sustainability

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